Do women's friendship be approved? Girls have friendship! A friend of the friend who participates in the program is in the interview and the game, and glimpses between each other's original sound, and finally, can it be possible to be able to be etched in front of a friend finally? & & lt; Gt; Yaku Chan (23 years old / shop clerk) & amp; Nagisa Chan (22 years old / shop salesclerk) fellow employees in the same shop! The two people like alcohol and the atmosphere is similar. It is really good to be taken in by our examination interrogation. A friend relationship doesn't break. It seems like a tight bond Gt; Next, it shows the cheeky underwear from the gap of Yuka's short denim. "This is good," Nagisa Chan is an electrician, and I like to have a good friend for next time Gt; So the man suddenly kisses Yawata! From the top of the underwear to the breast, YUI's nipple! Turn around panties and show off your friends! "?? WOW!" two people on rock! Let's play together! It is an electric shock attack from the rear. Clown at the waist! Show your fingers and play with your fingers! It's a great feeling. It's a great feeling. It's a big time to come back together. Keep your waist up and down! Come on! & lt; Gt; First collaboration of two people! It is an Idia match & lt; Gt; I want to insert it. He shook himself and said, "wait! Wait! It's really good!" Gundam Gaga is dead soon. Nagisa Chan looks like a senior Hamlet! Nagisa Chan licks her pussy from behind!