The "battle of the dino special costume Dino vanter" fighting the beast metal suit of the enhanced metal armor suit made by gathering the power of the dinosaur and the science of the fight fight the creature corps "vienator" which started the earth invasion from the interstice of time and space. It was a ballerina who was a ballerina with denolex / Kuta Kota and Dino tops / Masaji kakuhara, and it was changed to dinopepterus and was fighting to protect the earth to protect the earth. The witch delelah snaps at the target when she is alone and separates Miku Tsubasa. She was collecting great energy for her and launching a metal creature "Rex Orta"! And the strongest evil warrior was born! Dinolex and dinotops are defeated in the battle -- and Dino putteri mili is defeated in battle and defeated, and the healthy body that is healthy is fallen into the clorbo tribe. Miku Tsubasa is devoted to despair and humiliation, becomes a prisoner of sexual pleasure, and is released by sex acme. Bad end
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  • NO.:GHNU-28
  • Producer:GIGA
  • Label:GIGA
  • Duration:90分
  • Publish:Sept. 24, 2021
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