When I sent a request for personal photography to [Amaterashusan], a popular cosplayer on SNS, by DM, it was OK! As the coronavirus has prevented a comedy from taking place, it seems that individual photographers are accepting this event as well. The first time I met her, she seemed to have a shrewd impression, but when the shooting started, she was an easy-to-respond person to my requests. A glamorous body that expresses itself is wrapped in a costume of exposure degree MAX and started shooting! It seems that I understood the feeling of trying to take a beautiful picture while being a beginner, gradually dissolved and applied an electric meter directly from the body touch! It's a good thing, but it's tiring up like a buff and the idea of control collapses as you start to hit an electric machine yourself! Forget the camera and lick your nipples, you'll be filled with a full-featured blowjob that makes you feel like you're trying to conquer it. Boiling milk that shakes every time you piston! The figure of jealousy while calling repeatedly on the back directly heats up the crotch!!! I'm so angry that I can't afford to go out of the middle and make a female beggar immediately finish with two-round incidence shooting! i was asked to take a picture instead of the derepuri that covered the initial impression ww .... look at everything.